Sihanoukville Disappointment

Remember how I was excited for our trip to Sihanoukville? Well that trip was a bust. Don’t get me wrong, the beach that we stayed on is beautiful, but we aren’t beach people.  After a 5 hour bus ride we finally get to what we found out was the outskirts of the city and to get to Otres Beach it was about a 15 min. ride and cost us $8!  Everything that I read about the city didn’t include prices for tuk-tuk or taxi rides. Once we got to our guesthouse, we determined that our ride was not worth $8, but you live, you learn. Fist impressions of our guesthouse was that it was pretty and nice looking. I liked the red and white decor. The staff weren’t that friendly and it was easy to see that the management of the place was not organized at all. While eating lunch we decided to only stay 1 night instead of the 2 that was originally planned. We wanted to save money and late we found that we were bored out of our minds. As the day wore on we became more and more unhappy with our stay there. The bungalows were cute, but very very close together. So close that you can hear the conversations of the people next door. Once it was dark there was no lighting near the bungalows. We had to use flashlights to get to our room. The mosquito net on our bed was too big and full of holes. We have the bites to prove it. The red floor also painted the bottom of Dave’s feet. The bathrooms were nice and I had a nice shower for a shared bathroom with no hot water. We just couldn’t help comparing Moorea Beach Bungalows to Bodhi Villia in Kampot. They were awesome! 

We were hoping that once the sun went down we’d have a better time and there’d be some live music or something to do. With it being so expensive to get back into the city or the other more popular beaches, we were stuck on Otres. Once the sun started to set the entire beach pretty much cleared out. For dinner we decided to go to the Bamboo Shack for ribs. I saw an advertisement that they were the best ribs in town and we wanted to give them a shot. That was one of the worst meals that we’ve had here in Cambodia. The ribs were tough and bland. I had to leave a whole rack because my jaw hurt from the chewing. For $6.25 that was a big disappointment. The sides that we got weren’t that good either. My fries were over cooked and unsalted and Dave’s rice was mushy and dry. We headed back up the road to our guesthouse where we noticed that every place was deserted and no one was in there. That says a lot about the businesses out there….

Getting home was a big ordeal as well. We planned to take the 2:00 bus back to PP. We left at 1:45, got to another station where we sat for 30 min. We then broke down 10 min. outside Sihanoukville and waited 30 min. for the new bus to show up. A 4 hour bus ride took 6 hours. For our trip to Siem Reap in December I’m looking into another bus company or a different mode of transportation.

Some highlights of the trip: We enjoyed our walk on the beach. The water was warm and very clear. We enjoyed our 3 hours of laying around napping, reading, and eating pineapple. The food at the guesthouse was tasty.

Overall we didn’t like Sihanoukville and are pretty sure that we don’t want to go back. It was expensive for a whole lot of nothing. This experience has kind of turned us off from traveling as we spent so much money that we really shouldn’t have  spent and have no good times to show for it.